Prosper… cuz I’m walking with the heavenly father

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The boys are now on @instagram, too. Follow @goodmans for the inside scoop on fashion and lifestyle in the Goodman’s world. (at Bergdorf Goodman)

Football is good. World Cup is great.

Education, sanitisation, hospitals and the eradication of violence, drugs and weapons from the streets would be even better.

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I need a hat for Ghana ! Advice?


Had to repost this photo of @shopeaves who styled our Fama smock top flawlessly. #lemlem #monochrome #summer #style


Know your heroes.

Location: “Soul Brothers”, Paris.

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Artist and ‘angry hypocrite’ Yinka Shonibare MBE uses work to criticize world’s wealthiest.

Where Shonibare’s previous works have been historical in nature, the narrative surrounding some of the artist’s newest pieces is embedded in the happenings of today’s world. Pictured above is Shonibare with one of his latest works entitled ‘Cake Man II’, a piece that carries his signature use of Dutch Wax prints (a somewhat faux-African element he’s become fond of due to it’s mixed transcontinental history between Africa, Asia and Europe) tailored and worn as a suit by a headless man. But this man is not simply an ordinary man, the sartorially suited mannequin is a banker, a life-size human-like symbol of the rich who just keep getting richer.

Discovered today STREET ETIQUETTE <3

Nigger Arabesque, NYC, 1978 BLACK AND WHITE, PARIS, 1983 Slave to the Rhythm, NYC, 1986 Samurai Sissy, NYC, 1979 Blue-black in Black on Brown, NYC, 1981

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Glide around University Park with this awesome video by Martin Sylvester


South Sudanese model Ajak Deng features in NINE WEST’s 2014 Shoe and Eyewear Campaign.

Liyah Kebede

Lem Lem

The Woman on Top of the world.

The New York Times 03/06/2014


Because of Them…They Can: Thank You Bethann and Iman and those before them who paved the way. We Speak Your Names!

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