I will what I want. Misty

Unless you're Native American you came from somewhere else. Barack Obama.

Quartier des Abbesses, Parisby EZK Street Art


Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert of Art Comes First in Istanbul, 2014

photo - David Pattinson

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Unfinished showers, power outages and 2000 degrees of sun aside…Panama was a real charm. I made friends while walking around Casco Viejo  and we sat and exchanged travel stories for hours and one of them took the photo of me above. I’ll tell the story of how I was chased down by an undercover cop in Peru and taken to a room with lots of handcuffs later. Just know I was really mouthy until I remembered all those episodes of “Locked Up Abroad” I’ve seen.

Casco Viejo, Panama, September 2014
American Trade Hotel, Panama, September 2014

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